Button formula open doc in current tab?

Is there a formula for a button to just open a doc (or published doc as a website) in the same tab, not a new one? When I use OpenWindow(…) I get the doc I linked it to in a new tab, and I want it to open in the current tab.

Hello @ebunge ,

I tried with an OpenWidow approach("https://coda.io, “_self”) but it doesn’t work, so I’ll have to check with a formula expert :slight_smile: to see if it’s possible.

However, while searching on the forum, I came across an article that refers to this (How to use a button to go to a page within a doc - #6 by cnr)

Hopefully this will help you to see more clearly.


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Thanks a bunch, this did the trick! I must not have been using the right search term to find that answer! I think I went wrong when I used the “Open URL” function and then used the formula. I ended up just typing in the formula as the action and that worked.


I’m glad I could help you and we all make mistakes of distraction etc.

Coda allows so much that it is easy to make mistakes.



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