How to use a button to go to a page within a doc

Is there a way to use a button to go to a url within a doc
I’m familiar with OpenWindow(), but I don’t want it to open a new window, all I want is to go to a page within the doc.
I need it to be a button because I want to use it combined with RunActions().
I thought I could use Activate(@otherpage) or Activate(“…”) but I didn’t work.


Thank you for your reply but, as I said, I don’t want it to open a new window as it takes too long to load the doc again.

It doesn’t, it opens it in the same tab. I don’t know why they call it OpenWindow, but it should really be called OpenLink. I just tested it and it works for me.

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Hi, @cnr . Are you sure? It didn’t work for me.

OpenWindow (url)

Copy link

Open a link in a new tab


An action which when triggered will open a new window with the specified input.


The web address to open


Outputs an action which (when run) will open url in a new browser tab.

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Thank you, @cnr .
OpenWindow() behaves differently depending on the URL. Its opens a new tab when the web address is outside the doc (for instance openWindow(‘’) but it opens on the same tab if it’s a URL of a page in the same doc.
I took it for granted because the coda help file doesn’t mention it. They should update it.