Creating button with subpage links

This should be really easy, so I feel like I’m overlooking something obvious…

I’d like to create a published doc with resources for external partners. I can use Coda’s automatically-generated subpage nav to guide them to the right project. But on each project-specific page, I’d like to create a nav with 2-3 buttons that are a mix of external links (e.g., Google Drive shared folder) and subpage links (e.g., text copy they can use). However, I cannot figure out how to get buttons with subpage links to open in the same tab (i.e., behave more like Coda’s subpage nav) rather than open in a new tab/window. Any advice?

Here’s a published dummy doc that demonstrates what I’m trying to create. Thank you for any help!

hi @Mohit_Shewaramani ,

Your question

How do I get the Subpage link to not open in a new window?

That is maybe possible:

  • reference an object in your doc and link to that object (like a table, a controller) via ‘tableName’.Objectlink().OpenWindow()`
    or second by grabbing the URL of that 'object and use OpenWindow()

Gives this the results you have in mind?

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks for the tip, Christiaan. This worked when using an object that could be referenced in the formula (like a table), but not when just using the link for a text section (because it’s basically just replicating the OpenWindow() behavior with a URL, whether external or internal). Given that my desired subpage use is just text and not any structured data, this doesn’t quite work for me. But appreciate the help!

indeed @Mohit_Shewaramani , without an object to reference it won’t work, you can put an empty table on the page, I know it is ugly, but it will do the job.


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