Button to another section?

Is there a way to create button to another section, to open it in active window? will it work in published doc?

Can anyone please help?

Hi there @11162 :blush: .

I did some testing and it is easy to create a button to switch between section (pages, subpages) by creating a simple Open Hyperlink button and entering the URL of the Section (page, subpage) where needed, but I don’t think it’s actually doable to open it in an active window.

I think, and I’m completely unsure about what I’m going to say, that when you’re in a section (page, subpage) you’re already in the active window, therefore, you can’t activate it.

Well, at least, after testing, that’s how I see it, but I could be completely wrong.

Could you please share your solution for “button to section” in new window?

I can share a button to section, but like I said, it won’t be opening in a new window as I think it is not doable at the moment :confused:.

i made a buttom “open hyperlink” pasted url “https://coda.io/@ergo/sandbox/0-3-finish-12” but it doesnt work in published variant

I never published a doc, so I needed to test that but could you check in the Sharing settings of your doc if Doc Interaction are on Play .

If it’s on View, I think it disable the button.

button is anyway disabled :((

I just tested, it seems to work just fine :grin: !

And in a new window too :grin: !

@11162, Can I ask what you did to open your section in a new window ? :blush:

i’ve copied url from shared version, but it wasnt working a while ago

Thank you :blush: !

I’m going to play around with this :grin: !

you’re welcome :slight_smile:
but my issue is still opened thou

Effectively, your button works when I’m signed in but not when I’m signed out :confused:

The last thing I can think of, are the Pages Settings (in Locking), which I didn’t changed in my test doc and the button never stopped working (Signed in or out).