How can I create a button that opens another section?

I have 3 sections in my doc.
When people join I want to show only section 1 and click a button to open section 2.
Section 3 should only be seen when section 2 is complete.
How can I pull this off?

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if you put RunActions(OpenWindow(<url of the section>)) should take user to section 3 - but that wouldnt stop user from jumping to section3 directly by clicking on section 3 in left side navigation panel.


This is really good. If someone downloads the doc and uses it as their own, will the hyperlink maintain the point to their section or back to the original document?

Or, do I really not know what I’m talking about? haha


Good call @THNQ,

I fixed the document so now whenever folks copy the document, the document will maintain its position relative to the current document

formula is

RunActions(OpenWindow(Url(thisDocument).ToText() + "/<section name>"))


Thanks. The other one worked well (inside the document I was working on). This new one, when clicked, opens a new page and says “you need permission to access this document”.

Anything we can do about that?

I think you might need / - best is to check =Url(thisDocument).ToText() + "/section name" and see if it returns correct url

I appreciate your help on this.

Here is what I have in there: RunActions(OpenWindow(Url(thisDocument).ToText() + “/Day 1”)) it clicks and says “opened hyperlink” but does not open the window. Day 1 is the name of my section I’m trying to get it to go to.

This works:… not sure if it will work inside a saved version outside my realm. RunActions(OpenWindow(Url(thisDocument).ToText() + “/”))

this one would not work as it has entire url in second part. I would suggest you to make sure =Url(thisDocument.ToText) + "/’ returns correct url for your section.

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Forgive me Krunal, I don’t quite understand. How do I test this? I have just been entering what you give me in the formula part of the button. Here is the page

Did you find solution?