Open URL / New Window issues for navigation

I have a really strange issue. Well, at least I think its strange :wink:

I’m using a bunch of buttons to jump to different sections of the doc. And I’m 80% sure they were working fine a day or two ago.

Yet today, they’re opening the url’s in new tabs.

I have gone thru various messages here, and grabbed some example navigation docs, brought them into my coda, and they work as intended.

I’ve been doing it by just using the open hyperlink action on a button, and then pasting in the hyperlink to the section I wanted to open.

Then after looking at someone elses doc, they used a slightly different method which I liked… and tried - and STILL didn’t work.

That’s using a formula for the action - in this case
RunActions(OpenWindow(Concatenate(Url(thisDocument) ,"

So is there some sort of option for the doc that I don’t know I’ve changed… or… ???

Have tried in firefox and chrome, but both are showing the behaviour.

Many thanks for any ideas. Brendan

So - I’m still not much the wiser, but I’ve got it working.
I noticed that the new values I was putting in for the url in the formulas were different… I don’t know how but

New part for the URL :
Old part for the URL :

I’m not sure how / when it changed… or why it used to work and now no longer does. But its working again.

I must admit I haven’t gone into URL’s that much - maybe someone can clue me in?


Is it possible you changed a setting in your browser that causes links to open in new tabs?

This was my theory as well… except I was able to use other peoples apps where it worked. I’m still not sure WHAT happened, but changing the url’s fixed it for me! Now why the url’s needed changing when I just copy/pasted them both times is the next mystery to solve. It really doesn’t make great sense to me.

There’s often a fine line between “working” and “fixed”. Until you know why the behaviour changed, you can only be sure it’s working until next time when it isn’t.

Changing the URLs may have caused it to work (for now).

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Hi @Brendan_Woithe,

When using buttons to link to different sections of a doc, I would just use the full URL you can copy when you’re on that section. The code snippets you posted look more like tricks used in column buttons for popping open a row modal view or opening a big cell for a particular row. These don’t really play well with hyperlinking to different sections.

I’m not saying the way you posted wouldn’t work, but I also don’t know if I can say that it will always work.

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Oh thanks for that Ben. Yeah - I remember reading this now… of course I only remember it after reading you write about it in this post. Much appreciated. I’ll fix accordingly.
I thought i was going mad for quite a while. Then other strange things started happening (I think there’s new features I’m seeing that haven’t been talked about much) and I ended up doubting myself!

But loving the new cover photos and subtitles!!! Or have they just been around for ages and I only just noticed? Couldn’t find any info when I searched about them! :slight_smile:

You didn’t miss anything, these are brand new features.

There are a few other things we’re brushing up, then we’ll be announcing these with the others soon.

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