Openwindow (url(xxxx)) not working anymore since today?

It only shows “hyperlink opened” but does not jump to the specified view within my large document anymore. How come?
It used to work like a charm.
Chrome on Mac OSX


Are you using this in a table or in the canvas?

If it’s in a table, can you try the Hyperlink() formula instead of Url().

Hi BenLee,

Thanx for the fast response.

I’m using a button on the canvas to jump to a lower part om that same canvas. It used to work.

Anchor links in a canvas haven’t been 100% supported. You can definitely jump to a table, but not necessarily other parts of the canvas. We would like to support this more fully, but it hasn’t been sorted out yet.

The url has the info needed, but the actual anchor link html isn’t all there.