OpenAI pack: fine tuning?

Hi there

@SpencerChang Very impressed by the OpenAI pack:

Are there any plans to add the API calls needed to create fined-tuned versions of the GPT model? Coda seems like quite a good environment to collate and manage training data…

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Hey Tim, thanks for the suggestion! No plans to do so right now, but the pack is open-source, and we welcome contributions if you or anyone else would like to take that on :slight_smile:


Thanks Spencer, no worries. I am no coder, but perhaps I can get ChatGPT to write the code for me :crazy_face:

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It seems to me that it’s completely plausible for something like ChatGTP to create any formula in Coda. Or give suggestions.

This feature would completely revolutionize everything.

It would instantly become the most beginner friendly software of it’s kind.

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