Option to wait table to finish processing before showing the content

When we open a docs, tables are immediately showed. It’s good as long as the data is small and not confidential.

When the data is big
It will take more time to load the page because now it has to render the data (or at least to calculate the length of the page’s scroll bar), while for some table the data shown actually very little (1-2 rows).

When the data is "confidential"
I know Coda is never meant to store confidential information in a docs that someone not authorized can access. But let’s talk about information that is okay for other people know, but it’s better for them to not to. The first few second (less or more, depends on the size of the docs & your PC’s processor) when we open the docs, we can see all the table’s rows. And it’s all for knowing that the data’s just flashing, suddenly disappear from your eyes.

I thought it’ll be very useful if we at least have an option to show / not to show the tables’ rows before the docs finished calculating the final view of the tables.

Dear @Kenji_Prahyudi,

I like the idea and optional the first 10-20 rows to be loaded to keep the user informed that there is actually something happening. And at the bottom of the table give the option to load the next “N” rows or all rows.

Behind the “scenes” the processes can continue to prepare the content.

If there are certain requirements, like amount of RAM, video card type, Internet speed, to improve the performance while loading the more heavy stuff, it should be advised by the engineers to my opinion.

Just something like YouTube did with the resolution, depending on the device and speed to adjust the bandwidth.

It is just a fact that we are “spoiled” and always looking for a better user experience, just to highlight that Coda has come far. Another thing is to get more advise / guidance, from the Codans, on how to build the doc in the most efficient way.

Thanks for your reply! Yes that’s the point! I really hope they will always improve Coda as Coda have always improved our life XD

About the “spoiled” thing, sure, we should always seek for advices first, but they, too, have a responsibility to always improve their product because now some of us feels like we can’t live without Coda :joy: :joy: Coda is already a very very undoubtedly powerful tool, though

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