[Pack] Conceal — Quickly turn sensitive column values into ████ ███

Does what it says on the tin :slight_smile:

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Should be helpful to anyone who needs to make a screenshot or record a loom of their sensitive doc.
Can be a little slow to load, especially if you have many rows.

P.S. Here's how attention to detail looks like :)

P.P.S. Shared the source code. Feel free to clone and adjust to your needs
(e.g. use a different symbol etc)


Could one limit who has access to the switch, and can the switch be implemented in a formula?

Because if you do, then I can see this going a long way to limiting what specific users can see in a doc.

You can use the formula without the column format.

However, either way the original values are still stored in those cells. The column format is basically just a decoration. Anyone can unlock the doc, edit a cell and see the value. If they cannot unlock they can get to the data through the document model or the doc snapshot.

So I wouldn’t use it as a safety feature. This is for screensharing only.

I got this idea from these cases I frequently encountered:

  • A client needs help with their doc over Zoom / Meet but cannot show the personal data. Previously they had to create a copy of a doc and replace names etc. Now they can simply conceal and then set column types back.

  • I wanna show off something cool I built but I’m too lazy to make a doc copy and strip away PII. Previously I would ink over the screenshot like a ruffian.