Pack-namespaced constants

Would be nice to have a fourth type of Pack building bloc; constants. Very similar to formulas, but maybe without the parentheses to better indicate that they are not dependent on any input.

Doesn’t make sense for all packs (e.g. API-heavy packs that typically just offer a view of some external, dynamic data), but it does make sense to have some static values or list of static values provided for some utility packs (e.g. currency list, timezone list, …).

My specific use case is to spread the arguments of a pack formula into the columns of a table, that are then gathered via a formula into the pack formula itself (in a separate column). Several of the formula parameters are autocompleted lists of options, and so there is no nice way to compose these into columns as select lists without manual entry. An alternative would perhaps be to access the fields via the formula namespace, something like MyPackFormula.someParameter.options which would expose the options that are usually selectable for that parameter. Somewhat less generic of a use case, though.