Packs: Suggest Formula

Many packs rely on users entering a formula into a parameter before it can work.

Providing written/video instructions for intermediate to advanced formula users seems to work out well.

However, there are many cases where we would like to provide a “zero config” pack so that it’s truly plug-and-play for the user.

If we could provide a suggestedFormula for a parameter, that would enable us to deliver that experience.

Today we can use suggestedValue but that puts the formula in quotes, which adds friction for experienced users and could confuse novice ones.

The power of a suggestedFormula feature becomes even greater when a set of pack columns could relate to each other with pre-baked formulas. We like to build packs where users can see how the data is relating to each other to get the desired result (i.e. contribute to their Coda education). We think packs with a suggestedFormula could be a great education tool!


I’m still nowhere near close to publicly releasing any packs but I must say that this is exactly one of the first things I tried to implement while (finally) trying myself at Packs :innocent: … and I was a bit sad I couldn’t find a way to get there…
Especially since, so far, I’ve had the tendency to build my “playground” packs like I would build any docs by trying to limit to the maximum the human error factor :innocent:

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