Pack Newbie - Nested Tables!

Hi All! I’m a long time Coda user and just started playing around with Packs! I’ve seen some people make some really great things and I’m wondering how to do the following…

I’d like to take the following JSON and create two tables. A color table, and a fruit table. I want to create a sync table for each and I want to see a relationship between the two tables.
“red”: [“apple”, “cherry”, “strawberry”],
“orange”: [“orange”, “peach”, “mango”],
“yellow”: [“lemon”, “banana”, “pineapple”],
“green”: [“kiwi”, “lime”, “grapes”],
“blue”: [“blueberry”, “grape”],
“purple”: [“plum”, “grape”]

For instance, I want to be able to load the color table, and see all of the fruits in it. Then when the fruit table loads, the fruits should all be linked to a color in the color table.

I hope this makes sense! Any insights on where to get started would be greatly appreciated. I went through the tutorials but I didn’t see much on nested tables.

Thank you!!

Nevermind! Looks like it’s here:

Yes, you are on the right track! To create two tables that link to each other requires using reference schemas, which is discussed on that page.

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