Packs Beta: option to customize action popup?

is option to change this not available or am i just missing something on the pack codes that i didn’t find?

I would like to present a custom text upon running an action of a custom made coda pack.

Ok, i figure it out :slight_smile:

throw new coda.UserVisibleError("Enter your custom text here");

Where is this thrown? Before the return statement of the execute method?

@chrisquim - Interesting work around! Those errors weren’t intended to be used as generic notifications, but we don’t have a better alternative at the moment. Can you provide more background on why you wanted a custom notification?

Use cases is when the function of a coda-pack action is not to return a value but rather process the function input for variety of reasons, and then you want to inform the user after that it has been successfully completed with its corresponding custom message fit to the pack’s intention.

yes, I’ve placed it there.

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Thanks for the background, I’ll circulate this request with the team.

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