Add an action to show custom alert (dark popup in the bottom)

Thank you Coda for adding the option to disable snackbars (alerts) for buttons. Oftentimes my buttons contain dozens of lines of code and result in “200 rows added, 10 rows modified, and hyperlink opened”, so the ability to suppress this information is a very welcome feature:

However, now there’s another problem. I don’t have an easy way to signalize to user when the action has actually completed, especially if the user has already scrolled away or went to another section.

Could you please add an action function to show an alert with custom text?

Minimally with just a text:

Alert("All changes saved")

Ideally with two more options: auto-hide or keep on screen, and a custom undo action (a reference to a button or an inline-coded Action)

Alert("A company with 5 accounts is created", true, thisRow.[Delete company and all related records])

P.S. Calling it an “alert” is also OK. I’m just coming from Android background where these are called snackbars.