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Hello all,

I am trying to convince some of my customers to stop using excel, word… but I have an issue concerning coda. Each time big companies ask me if it is possible to have their own coda on there servers …
Do you know if it is possible ?

That would be a question for @BenLee

Hi @Alexandre_Husset,

And thank you for flagging this @Connor_McCormick!

Coda is a cloud hosted solution, so there is no file type that you can download and run on your computer or your servers. The doc is downloaded to your browser cache to allow for changes to still be captured if your internet connection cuts out, it will sync up when it reconnects, but it can’t run as a locally hosted file.

We also don’t have dedicated instances that can be installed on any server, it has to be used as a cloud software.



thanks for your answer. I fully understand but in france in big companies (banks, …) it is often difficult to “sell” cloud solutions. when we succeed it is often after a long process of qualification/audit … do you have a process or a team that is managing this kind of issues ? is there documents with details of the infrastructure, security,… ?

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You can learn more about Coda security here: Coda | Trust

There are a few more links like ToS and Privacy in the footer too.

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