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Hi and Help!

My docs are blocked to share to new users, last night I tried to add a bunch of people at the same time and I think maybe that blocked my docs for adding more people…

I’m building a Community educational tool in Coda, son I’m planning to invest a lot of resources to build this in Coda, I wonder how can be guaranteed that Coda will be around in the future and if something terrible happens and Coda stops offering services I will not loose all my work and the work of the whole community???

Does Coda plan to have a private server based Coda version???


Dear @Juan_Carlos_Pellegrino,

I am sorry to understand your disappointment and recommend you to get direct support from the Codans by sharing you doc and explain to them your issue as follows:

Coda is a stable, well funded company and even in the worse case scenario they will not just disappear, and leave the users alone.

Coda has not stand alone version that can be run on a private client

It’s always appreciated when you post a short message about how your case was solved in case some other user runs in a similar case, thank you.


So here is the chat text with the support team… it seems that is more relate to my goggle academic account, than a Coda issue… for now is working again… but it still a little confusing…

Hi Juan, thanks for reaching out! Can you tell me a bit more about what occurred? Happy to put in your request to migrate your account off of GDrive since this is possible, though I’m wondering if there was an issue specifically with your academic account permissions versus Coda.

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Sharing is working again, !!

So if I understand correctly it will be better to have a different account for Coda, I dont really need to use the email for it… It seems it makes it more difficult cause I dont have acces to permissions on that domain and is gonna be a hassle to ask to change things for me… so I’ll create a new gmail account for Coda…

I’m planning to have my own domain for this project within a few weeks, what platform other than Gsuite will you recommend??


El lun., 8 jun. 2020 a las 10:26, Charlotte from Coda (<>) escribió:

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Right, I don’t think .edu accounts typically cause issues but it depends on your administrative/privacy settings for the account overall. The current options are GSuite backed or Coda backed - you can use a Google domain with Coda still, just a difference in how your docs are stored.