Play Video Audio After Pressing Button

I have done some research

this seems good pack but no idea how to add URL or upload or play video

another thing is

i found this post but didnt find that particular & tried to workaround with formula

any help?

Hey there! This sounds like this issue may be related to this specific Pack. Therefore, the pack maker is going to be the best source of support with this issue, as we cannot make changes to a third party pack directly. You can do this by reaching out to them at their support contact listed in the About tab for this Pack.

If it is a bug, we recommend sharing what browser you are using, screenshots, or a screen capture of the undesired behavior, and sharing the steps taken that present the issue.


the Audio Pack is under development and currently in Beta Test.
i have added you to the list of beta testers.
so you will get a message shortly with test instructions.


Im happy to report that the AUDIO pack is finished Beta Testing and is now RELEASED


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