Pomodoro doc Template

I’m starting to build Pomodoro doc with:

  1. Pomodoro timer start/stop,
  2. Break start/stop,
  3. Tasks list to choose for the next pomodoro,
  4. Settings to change duration of pomodoro session, short break and long break.

I would like to share even if it’s not complete yet, may be you can suggest or at least comment :slight_smile:

Pomodoro doc (it is open for commenting and editing)


Can I recommend a section that tells you how to use the doc/what the doc does. Makes it easier for someone dropping in.

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I’ll add this to my todo. Thanks for the advice.

“About” section added. Hopefully, it is descriptive enough.

I have a question, is it possible to make Coda play a sound file? I just want Coda when play a ring when Pomodoro timer finish.