Populating to-do items via API

I’m working on an integration between our CRM and Coda via REST API.

Pretty much everything is working as it should with the exception of one row. Table grid-9CsD3MVEtU has a column for to-do items (which is a lookup for another table). When I ran a GET Request I saw that the to-do items are displayed as

"c-pxzRpI_TxI": "Todo1,Todo2,Todo3",

So I did the same for the POST Payload.

"column": "c-Qb_CrCZBhQ",
"value": "Todo1, Todo2, Todo3, Todo4"

But no items are posted. All other columns sent are working.

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Hi @Ivan_Farias - Welcome to the Coda Community! I just tested this out in my own doc and didn’t run into any issues. Maybe you can provide me a link to a test doc that shows this issue?

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