Prefilled value on a hidden column for forms


I want to create a customer satisfaction form.
I have a table wiith all my latests evolutions for my different clients.
Everytime an evolution is done, I want to send a link to a coda for with some satisfaction questions.

I want the satisfaction question to be linked to the evolution, but I don’t want the field to be modifiable by the user who will fill the form.
I tried hidding the field, but if I hide it, and set the prefilled values, prefilled values are not displayed.

Do you have any idea on this ?

Here is an example to better understand my issue :

Hey @Thoma_BIGUERES1 ,

make sure you toggle on “Include hidden columns for URL parameters” in the privacy settings of your form.

Also, be aware that it’s very easy to manipulate other satisfaction entries, as you would only have to change a number in the URL. Rather choose some unpredictable, but no sensitive data as identification value. Hash functions also come in handy here.

Aweome, that’s perfect, thank you very much for the tip !

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