Preview: CoPass - Encrypt sensitive data in a doc and share them securely

Hola! My name is Amen Teng, a Senior Product Manager at ServiceRocket. I am excited to share this pack we are making with the Coda community.

Started as Security & Encryption for Confluence app on Atlassian, we are bringing the in-doc data encryption idea to Coda.

Here is a TLDR of what this pack is about:


  • No reliable method to protect and share sensitive data in a consolidated doc.
  • Many potential data breach points which violate the organization/client security policies.
  • Can’t track who accesses/edits sensitive data.


  • End-to-end industry-grade encryption to secure sensitive data in a doc that should only be available to the people authorized to view or edit them.

Here is a quick demo of the CoPass pack:

The feature list of the pack:

  • Encrypt and decrypt data in a Doc
  • Copy secret
  • Permitted user control
  • Audit log viewing

What’s next? I hear you ask. We plan to launch this as a premium pack, but first, we hope to get some beta testers to make this pack a better one. If you are interested in getting the first hands-on experience of this pack, you can sign up by using this form:

We would be more than happy to hear from everyone here. Please feel free to comment below.
(p/s: it is ok to tell us that our baby is ugly :blush:)