Launched: More secure Pack sharing for enterprise teams [ENTERPRISE]

You can house entire teams, projects, and initiatives inside a Coda doc — but we know we’re not the only ones in your tool stack. It’s why we’ve invested in expanding the Pack ecosystem, so we can help you bring it all together faster: the customer data in your CRM, designs in Figma, and epics in Jira into one single doc that’s easy to use. Some teams are now building their own Packs as part of the Pack Studio beta and soon, anyone will be able to build a Pack - including your team!

We understand you may want to share Packs you build with the world, or you may want to keep your custom extensions to yourself. And because we’re moving fast, it’s important to buckle up. Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to securing your team’s data. Starting today, organization admins on Coda’s enterprise plan can manage how Packs should be shared outside all workspaces.

Whether your team is building Packs to share with the world, or custom Packs that are meant just for your team, Coda puts enterprises in control of how — and what — they share.