Center Coda Docs & Integrations & a question

I would like to suggest a few new features in Coda. As well as a few new Packs for the near future.

  • Allow users to position their docs in the center of the page. But with one asterisk. While every other Doc Application (Notion, Paper, Confluence), allow for only 2 steps in that, I would like to have 3 or even 4 steps in my doc width, along with the normal view.
  • Allow for multiple images, tables and more in a single row, much like Dropbox Paper allows. It would be great to not waster space in the Document, by putting for example 2 small tables side by side, or having a concise group of images, just like unsplash for example for inspiration purposes.
  • Allow Coda to be run, as a self hosted service. A lot of enterprises would love that feature. And they good expose much more capabilities to it. (Jenkins Pipelines, Cypress Testing Reports, Signing private Documents with Docu-sign) through a Private or Public Secure API.

Now let’s talk Packs:

  • Gitlab is a must. While Github is quite good, I would love to have GitLab integration on Coda natively. (I want to remove Zapier from my workflow).
  • Tools like Zeplin, Invision would help us have a single source of truth upgrade guide, to our features. I would love to be able to see in a table if an edit has happened on a feature group(API, Design, Documentation).
  • Zoom and Mattermost, along with slack, would be an amazing belt of tools for Coda. Mattermost, is an enterprise Slack Competitor, that many companies and enterprise startups go to these days, and Zoom, well, it is just awesome.

Now to the Question. Is there a way to have an enterprise account for a team. Or maybe the whole company? I would love to get a small experiment running on a feature team, but I would like to have a corporate account, instead of a personal one.