Launched: New features for customizing your team hub

In Coda, team hubs are as powerful and unique as the team members that run on them. And with new improvements to data visualization, copying pages, and more, we’ve sharpened the tools that let teams build a space to empower their workflow.

Here’s a peek at what’s new:

This calls for a celebration.
Keep your team birthdays, milestones, and everything in between organized in Coda. With new timeline and calendar visuals, teams can choose to display who’s involved.


Ready for a close up.
Beautify your tables with images that automatically fit the size of a column. If you prefer to customize your image size, you can choose a standard small, medium, or large image size.

Your data, your way.
With new canvas control settings, you can choose whether a control value changes for just you or for the whole team. No more disruptions—at least not in your doc. NewPersonalCanvasControls.gif

Create then replicate.
Make it easier to adopt best practices and information. Encourage your team to copy that page with your carefully crafted team values into their 1:1 docs by using the new “copy page to doc” button. CopyPageButton.gif

With these new updates, getting your team on the same page—and duplicating it—is a breeze. Borrow some inspiration from the design team hub to quickly create a new source of truth for your team.


Very cool update! :clap:t4:

Regarding the copy page to doc action, it would be cool to also be able to do that without further interaction. Eg by providing a doc url or id - and if not set, even automatically create a doc using the pages name.


Fully second @Daniel_Stieber’s suggestion!

I was so excited about this new feature, as this will finally enable automated workflows for copying pages. However, upon realization that one still has to actively input the destination doc, this no longer applies.

Please allow the input of the destination doc (or new doc) as a formula parameter instead. That would be amazing.

And, lest I forget by only focusing on what could be further improved - THANK YOU Codans, for all of these roll-outs lately! You are all on fire!