Projections With Last & Slice


I’m trying to get the most recently added value in a table so that multiple stakeholders can see where a process was left off. I’m able to do this with =[Table].slice(-1) or =[Table].last()

Both of these have the issue, though, that the result shows up as a projection but does not allow for projection-like formulas as I’d expect. I would love to do =[Table].last().[Field], but this last part throws an error.

BUT! It displays as a projection:02%20AM

Any thoughts?

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Interesting @chris_homburger - let me see if one of our engineers can take a look.

As a workaround, this actually works if you name the [Table].last() formula (“Last Call Added” as example), and then reference with the formula [Last Call Added].Value.Column.

@evan that is interesting—thanks! I found out your workaround is effective with =[Table].last(), but not with =[Table].slice(-1). I assume that’s something to do with the value type that slice() returns?

Weird - slice() does return a ref, but for some reason we’re not parsing it that way. We identified a potential mitigation on the eng side, but I’d stick with the named formula workaround for now if that works!

@chris_homburger actually was just reminded that you can use [Table].[Column].Last() and achieve the same result here. Should simplify things a bit!

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Ah, that’s even more elegant. Good catch, thank you!

@chris_homburger I wanted to let you know that we fixed the issue you were hitting. I’ve added some more detail here: Update: Formula Improvements - Type understanding