Adding info from the row bellow in a table


Can anyone help me figuring out how I can use a formula so that I can get the result from the last row to the next one and so it adds o subtracts automatically?

I need the formula to be only working with the grouped names on the left?

Green - sum (red + red + red) = in purple but only for this group with the name on the left and so on for every person

Thanks a lot,

Sorry the column “Total Vuelo” is algo red

hi @JEC_Aviation ,

Could you have a look here to see if this principle applies to what you have in mind:

In case it does not, what is the missing link or issue this approach won’t solve?

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks so much for writing.

I sort of understand but I think that formula is more advance than I am (only been here a month) :blush:

I will try it, but thanks again.

hi @JEC_Aviation , I can imagine you feel overwhelmed by the formulas put at work. I remember very well in the beginning that I did not understand how something could work, but felt relieved that it did work :wink: . What might help is sharing a demo doc that contains a table that looks like the official one with a column that contains hard coded the outcome you look for. This helps us to support you in finding a solution. Cheers, Christiaan

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Hi Christiaan!

How can I share just a demo so that people only have access to that page?

thanks again!

if you have a team plan, you lock all the other pages
if you are on pro, you copy this page to a new doc and share this new doc with us
courage! :wink:

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