Subtract two rows within a group

I have a table with grouped rows (by role). Within this group I have the following rows:
Estimator, Committed, and Gap. I would like to calculate the difference between my planned resource levels and actual using a formula in the Gap row.

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Unfortunately, this is not really possible due to the way, tables & data works in Coda.

A column can either have fields to input something or fields that are calculated with a formula. But it can not be different for each row, only the same for the whole column.

Since you have a fixed set of rows but might need additional departments one day, it might make sense to switch rows vs columns to make the calculation possible.

I just used the formula thisRow.Commited-thisRow.Estimator

Hope this helps!


Thank you! This will work great. It’s taking me a bit to get used to the way Coda has things organized but I’m enjoying learning how to use the tools!

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Thats great to hear!

Yeah it’s just a different way of working and thinking, especially when coming from excel. But at some point you not only get used to it but really love the structure and how it helps to keep things organized and helps you get the results you want.

All the best for your doc! :slight_smile:

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