Public facing documents

So, if I create a document that I want public users to enter information in, and save their own progress - in other words - they each have their own version of the document, they would need to sign up for coda and then… what? Download, share, see it as a template?

I want the document to be public and savable (so not just play on my website). I would need to create a link on my website to take people to coda and they will use the document. If they use the regular document, their entries will be saved all in the same document. Therefore, they need to somehow create their own version so they can save their information in that document. This is more like a form. I want them to have access to their progress and their information from the form.

What is the best way to do this?

Hi @THNQ - have your played around with embedding a Coda doc? From what I am reading it might could be solution for this problem. Can you give it a try and see Embed a Coda doc in your posts