Pull in rows from a table based on filter criteria


Hello Coda Community,

I’ve just started work on a project tracker, and there are so many features in Coda that will make my life easier!

That said, I’m stuck on what I think ought to be a simple job. I have a button that I would like to pull data from one table and paste it into another table.

So, if I have tasks that are incomplete in Table A:

I want to be able to push a [BUTTON]

and see the incomplete tasks show up in a separate Table B:

[img below!]

In my real document, the tables in question are in two separate sections. Ideally, I can keep the data linked, so ticking off (or assigning) the tasks in Table B bubbles back to Table A. What’s the best way to make this dream come true?


Here’s what Table B would look like… apparently there’s only room enough for one image per post!


@James_White - please feel free to elaborate and correct me if I did not get this scenario right but instead of a button etc go ahead and create a “View” of TodoLIst ( https://coda.io/learn/essentials/Views) then you can add a filter to the view to show only Incomplete task.The data is the same in both tables so as you update it it will be reflected in both places.
Let me know if this makes sense and is what you are looking for.

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@mallika - Thanks so much for the reply. I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday—I was able to solve my issue using filters. When I decided to create the button, I wasn’t aware that you could chain filter criteria together. I thought filtering was a one-shot deal. Out of curiosity, is it possible “pull” instances of shared data in different locations?

Thanks much!


@James_White - by different locations do you mean in the same doc ( different sections) or between two different docs. The first yes, the second not yet.

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Same doc! I feel like I came across an example in the “learning” section but I can’t seem to find the exact syntax


Just to confirm, we still can’t pull in data from different docs, correct?


Not yet, we’ve been working on a few ways to do it.

In the meantime, some folks have used the API to accomplish this. You can see a sample here: https://coda.io/t/Getting-Started-Guide-Coda-API_toujpmwflfy