QOL: Sticky possibly solution for huge threads

First post here so hope this is helpful;

Would be nice if this post would be stickied on that huge thread.

I imagine a lot of people googling end up in that thread but they’d never find that answer which is a possible solution for them, just so that it shows up in the top.

I’m sure there are a lot of other big threads with the same issue!

Loving the platform otherwise, thank you

Oh there is a nice “solved” functionality, how is it triggered? Does the OP mark it? :slight_smile:

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either the OP can flag a reply as the solution, or one of the community champions, or a member of the coda staff.

most OPs dont realize they can do that, so if i see a clear response from the OP indicating a reply has solved their question, then i usually mark it.

it helps others to find the solution later and it adds some brownie-points to the person that posted the solution


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Oh alright thanks! But I cannot seem to find that option when flagging, do I require a certain rank or do I select Something Else and write a message?