Query: Group by a particular column pops a new entry which is not present in Ungrouped Table

I am encountering a strange issue: Whenever I group a particular column a strange new entry pop-up which is not there in un-grouped. In the GIF, you can see that, in un-grouped column, there is no Column named Tables for Artifact, still when I group it, it automatically shows.
However, it is showing 0 rows to it. Is someone familiar with the issue or know how is this happening?

Solution by Jeremy at Coda:
Once you’ve grouped the Construct Type column, would you mind right-clicking that group and clicking the “Arrange and manage groups” item in the dropdown? It is possible that the “Tables” group got pinned somehow, in which case it will show up regardless of whether there are any values assigned to it (which allows for easily adding to that group but not what you want here).

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