Grouping, and adding to Groups - Guidelines request

I recently posted a question re: the behavior of tables when grouped, and when can you add/not add rows within the groups:

I have been trying to set up a Meeting Note solution that would allow the note to “grow” like an outline when additional Discussions are added to a specific Agenda Item.

This is a flawed attempt to create this illustrate this set-up, but I hope this illustrates a bit what I am describing:

This is one of many instances I’ve wanted to expand a table that is grouped, but I seem to encounter various handling of this, depending on some variables:

  • Is the Grouped column a lookup from the same table that is Grouped?
  • Is the Grouped column a lookup from a different table?

It seems that in some cases, I can add a group, but not in all. LIkewise, I seem to be able to add a row in a group sometimes with a “+,” but other times I have to type in the table and hit “enter” to add another row.

I’d like to request a Knowledgeable article (in the Intercom help materials, not here in the community) from the Coda Team outlining how this works in the various conditions that may occur around Grouping, with some of the variables I describe above. This is a big blocker for me, as I continue to try to create grouped tables, only to find that I can’t predict when they will behave a certain way. This is obviously all known behavior, so if we could have a chart even showing the various cases, it would really help me. I could then reference this and know what’s going on, and what to change, when the Grouped tables behave a certain way.

Hope you guys will consider this, thanks!