Querying all references to an object

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I’m working in my CRM and want to be able to pull all references to various entities. For example, I have a notes field on my ‘Organizations’ table as a catch all for anything that I haven’t managed to structure more formally. In a note for one organization I wrote:
Discovered [this company] from @Person at @Meeting)
When I got to @Person’s record, I would like to have a formula that pulls in anywhere said person is referenced. So e.g. I would want that organizations page to be linked somehow (ideally in lookup/object format but in reference format is also great).

Does anyone have a cheat for doing this? I know I could filter my primary tables to pull any objects whose Notes column referenced my currently selected object (they @Person record in the example above), but I’d like to not have to list out every possible table and table field where the reference could occur and instead have a sort of search function like what the search in the sidebar does.


Hello @Sarah_Heyborne1

this is a very interesting question. I do not have the answer, but it makes me think obviously to obsidian core and relationship between object, where you can see directly all existing link in the page. Not sure if this is possible in coda, as it may require to scan all pages of the doc, all tables of the doc, and I do not know what kind of formula may reach that power… wait for better coda master than myself :wink: I’ll watch this feed, as it could be a (new, again!) game changer for me !

Thanks for the response @Quentin_Morel! I wasn’t familiar with obsidian before, that does feel very similar to the functionality I’m looking for.

The Coda search bar does a pretty good job of this task, I actually think what I’m asking for would be a scale back of the search functionality as it is currently. Instead of searching all text in all records, the search would only return objects that make that specific @-link.

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I just was searching for the same functionality and found your post. Perhaps there isn’t a way to do this?

If not, I’d encourage you to move this idea to the Suggestion Box as it’s a very useful idea to have implemented.

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Good flag, thank you @Thomas_Robbs1

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@joost_mineur , @Xyzor_Max

Hi guys, If I remember correctly, one of you mentioned, a month or so in the community, using this kind functionality?



I don’t think it was me, I also can’t remember having run into a need for this type of functionality.

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