Rate limited queries? VERY slow updates on larger tables


I’m struggling with some updates to my larger tables. I don’t think it’s too big - about 6000 tweets.

I’ve got a button that flags all tweets with a smaller timestamp (for delete). Running this once, it flags 3000 rows. Running it again, on a tweet from a little later on… and it just does nothing. I get a little “progress circle” for a while, but then that stops.

In fact, trying to run other button based actions also seems to fail. Some of these buttons now become inactive, with a little spinner too.

Are there any back-end limits or design factors I should be aware of when working with bigger tables? Thanks

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What I’d really love is some kind of log. A little console that could tell me more about what is going on.

Sometimes a doc might be very slow, sometimes really quick. Sometimes it may take ages to respond to a click, sometimes not. I’d love to look under the hood. _