Recalculations Trigger

Currently formula recalculations trigger on input, never output.

This assumes all formulas are static and always return the same output based on input, in which case this works great.

Is there a (planned) solution for when formulas are not static?

Defining cacheTtlSecs doesn’t seem to make a difference - caching

Hi @Rickard_Abraham - That is correct, and a bit of a challenge for sure. There are a few ways you can address the issue however:

  1. Default refresh rate - In the Pack’s side panel, under the Settings tab, there is an option to change the refresh rate for the Pack data. I believe setting this to Hourly or Daily will cause your formulas to refresh on that cadence.

  2. Refresh column action - If your Pack formula is being used in a column, you can use the RefreshColumn() action formula to re-run the formula. This can be done via a button or an automation.

  3. Cache busting parameter - If you are the one making the Pack, you can build an extra parameter into your formula that exists just for the purpose of causing it to recalculate. I did this with my Philips Hue Pack, where I had a formula that gets the current state of a light and I wanted to refresh it on demand, even when used outside of a table.


And you can riff on this approach by creating a custom algorithm that looks at waypoints in the clock timer - for example, only update when the number of minutes of the hour are evenly divisible by 5 resulting in a 12-minute refresh rate.