Refresh Pack... Rows?

Does anyone know how I can refresh certain rows of a pack column only, and not the whole table? I have a task that takes an exceedingly long time and do not need it to update the vast majority of rows in the table, but do not want to delete the rows since we reference them regularly.

Something like:

RefreshColumn([MyTable].Filter( FilterColumn = "Update These Only" ).[Pack Column])

Hello @Dan_Mesa ,
In my experience Coda is generally pretty efficient in only (re)calculating rows, if recalculation is necessary. So if nothing for a particular row has changed, it doesn’t refresh anyway.
This makes me wonder if something else is going on in your doc?
Is there something you can share with us, like a (dummy) doc?
For checking: I have a 10,000 row table which takes about 7 seconds for a log() calculation if I change a variable affecting all, but 1, rows.
If I change a variable affecting 1 row, or 2 rows (first and last one) the same calculation takes only 1 or 2 ms, because it recalculates only the affected rows.
The pack might not help: every pack calculation is a round trip to the server (as far as I know), so 100 affected rows is 100 round trips. Your request for a formula (Refresh column) is not going to help.
Greetings, Joost

Hi @joost_mineur appreciate the reply.

My scenario is the latter – the pack in question is the Slack pack, not just a formula. I have a table where each row results in a Slack message. As the state of each row changes, I no longer need the Slack pack to update, but as you said it makes as many round trips as there are rows.

I need all the rows I have, but for some rows I do not (and will never again) need updates from the slack pack; what is cached on Coda’s side is sufficient.

By not being able to filter down to the rows that require the re-fetching of data, I’m winding up with a blocking update that takes 10+ minutes.

Any ideas? I understand RefreshColumn does not work for my use case, which is why I’m focused on Rows ( RefreshRows(...) would be nice).

Without looking at a doc I can’t help you any further.

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Thanks @joost_mineur no problem.

I believe I’ve worked out a solution that requires a manual step for our users, which should suffice. It sounds like this is simply not possible and the adjustment to the RefreshColumn function to allow for specifying a subset of rows should be a feature idea, so I’ll share it there.

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