Regexreplace() to replace \r\n

I am trying to split some text, ideally splitting by " " would work perfectly. However, the format of my text does not have spaces, but instead has the page breaks \r\n.

So, I would like to split by spaces and these breaks. I believe regexreplace() will allow me to replace the occurrences of \r\n with spaces, which I can then split by. I can’t get regexreplace() to replace the breaks. Would regexreplace("\r\n", " ") be sufficient?

@Ryan_Bua1 have you tried using char() to pass the character? I know line break is char(10).

Hi @Ryan_Bua1,
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Try with only “\n” for the new line character:
[YourString].Text.RegexReplace("\n", " ")

I hope it helps.