RegexReplace whitespace between text or word

hello community ,
i’ve been trying to replace or split white space between text ex. iv1234-5610 iv1234-5609 ,but formula show data ex. iv1234-5610iv1234-5609 . I would like to split or replace whitespace between text or word.

  thisTable.Filter([Column 3] = thisRow.[Column 3]),
Split(thisRow, "[a-z]{2}\d{4}-\d{4} ")


Hi @HELPMEPLS :blush: !

I’m not sure to completely understand what you’re trying to do but I can tell you that Split() doesn’t understand RegEx (AFAIK) so this Split(thisRow, "[a-z]{2}\d{4}-\d{4} ") will not work …

Note that, as I actually don’t know if the screenshot you shared is the result you’re expecting or the data you’re trying to split, the examples here might not work because I assumed it was the result you’re expecting :innocent:

For simple whitespaces using Split() you could use something like :
(See the table [Split and Join] in the sample below :blush: )

thisRow.Test.Split(" ")

And then you can Join() those values with :

thisRow.[Split - Whitespaces].Join(LineBreak())

Or in one formula this would be :

thisRow.Test.Split(" ").Join(LineBreak())

But if you really want to use RegexReplace() I guess (as I’m not RegEx fluent) that you should look for any whitespace character (\s in RegEx) so the formula should probably look like this :


I hope this helps :innocent: !

Don’t hesitate if something doesn’t go as expected or if you have questions :blush: !


thx u for suggestion

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No problem @HELPMEPLS :grin: !

Always glad to help when I can :blush: … And I’m very happy to know you could make it work from your side of the screen :raised_hands: !

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