Erasing spaces between texts in columns

Hello, I need to erase the space between the text in a column and have it shown in another column.

For example:

Column 1 - Coda Community
Column 2 - CodaCommunity

Can anyone tell me how?



Column1.Split(" ").Join("")

note the single space as parameter for split
and an empty string for join

this join/split pair is often used to replace all occurances of one character with another



Thanks! I will try it out :grinning:

Thank you very much for this. It have solved my problem for replacing text in paragraphs in a doc - put text into column 1 of a 2 column 1 row doc, do the bulk replace into column 2, then copy it out with CmndC. Such as change all occurrences of BATES to NMBSTN.

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