Trimming Lookup Table Column to Text

Hey Makers!

I am currently seeking an elegant formula to trim a Lookup column to a text value like the "DesiredText column in this:

I tried the ToText() and it returns the two values as text but with a space in between. I have tried the trim formula but it didn’t shave the space in the middle. Ultimately, I have a pack that uses parameters “text1,text2,text3” and want to use a lookup column to feed that formula.

I found a way to do Concatenate like this -

hi @Thomas_Baucom , I would like to suggest two steps to solve this:

first an extra column in the source table, next the usage of listcombine, please see below

and next the listcombine based on the text values

hope it helps, Cheers, Christiaan


Oh! I like that, @Christiaan_Huizer! Once you have the ListCombine() and it returns “Bob, Thomas”, is there a way to easily trim out the space after the comma? I figured it out up top but it took a bunch of helper columns which isn’t usually my style.

You can always use:


That should replace any and all spaces with a blank value.

You could also likely do this:


@Scott_Collier-Weir you always have the most elegant solutions. That worked beautifully. Thanks!

The correct way is to Name.Name.Join(",") — i.e. take the actual text values and join these, NOT flatten row references to text with ToText().


I think join() is ‘flattening’ the field values to text anyways, so you might as well use Name.join(",") or, if you want to keep a space use Name.join(", "), or Name.trim(), or anything else the ‘flattens’ the objects. And I don’t see what would be wrong with Name.totext()?


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