Removing items when read only

We’re on a free plan and created too many items, which made the entire doc read-only. BUT, since it’s read only we can’t delete anything to get it under the limit. As far as I can tell, we’re permanently locked out. Anybody know how to get around this?

We literally created a blank tab on the left by accident and just need it removed . . .

Hey @Brady_Brunson, welcome to the Community!

There should be some grace period (7 or 14 days) before an overgrown doc gets locked, IIRC.

If it got locked sooner / the period has passed, you can try reaching out to support and ask them to delete something for you.

If anything else fails, try copying the doc — it will create a new doc with all the data but the grace period should restart, giving you the chance to slim the new doc down.

Thank you! We don’t know when the blank page was created and it had been a few days since anyone logged on, so I’m sure we missed the grace period.

We ended up creating a copy to temporarily work off. Good idea about the customer support.

Appreciate your help!

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