[Request] Build out pack for Microsoft Onedrive

I would like to have Coda as our UI but have those documents visible in onedrive as well. I’m not so concerned about whether the text lives in Coda vs. Onedrive (for now at least) but I want anything that is deposited in a folder in Coda to show up in Onedrive and vice versa.

So I believe I am requesting that someone build out that pack for me. Happy to hop on a call to discuss details and then would like a quote and an estimated timeline.


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Cc: @Johannes_Klampfl @packwhale

I believe you are the mastermind behind other Microsoft packs yes?

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Hi Sarah,

Could you explain a little bit about what you are trying to do?

A folder in Coda contains Coda docs, not files like OneDrive does. So what is in a Coda folder, can never show up in a OneDrive folder. Coda docs ALWAYS reside in the Coda server/cloud environment.

Inside a Coda doc, one can attach files, but I would never use Coda as a file repository.


Thank you for tagging, I will contact Sarah.

I have similar question, just for SharePoint. Is there way to show SharePoint files inside Coda and add files to SharePoint from Coda? Or at lest make a link from coda to specific SharePoint folders?

Hey @Sarah_Heyborne1! Was anyone able to help you out with this? If not, I’d be happy to set up a call with you to discuss more

Hey there @Sarah_Heyborne1 and anyone else interested!

Take a look here. The pack is complete! beta testers now being taken

Amazing Scott! Thanks for tagging me on this. I’d love to join the beta group if you’ve got room for one more :slight_smile:

Of course! Just DM me shoot me an email at scott@simpladocs.com

I just need your email to add to the pack