[Request] Coda Consultant or Freelancer

Hi there Coda Community!

I am looking for a Consultant/Freelancer Coda that can help me build out a ticketing platform on Coda to track bugs and keep track of issues reported.

I was hoping to build out a ticketing system (similar to Asana’s IT helpdesk) where someone can fill out a simple form (from Coda’s form, Typeform, or something similar) where we can collect bug details and deposit that in an inbox where me and my team can groom and review tickets. Ultimately, we want a way to manage all incoming requests and have an easy way to know where we stand with all requests. and be able to quickly move on critical tickets without dropping the ball on lower priority tickets.

I have been trying to watch videos and read guides/posts to help build this, but I simply don’t have the time right now to learn and tinker while simultaneously building this out. And need a consultant that I could work with to help build this dream system a reality.

This is a short-term job opportunity and this project should take 1 to 2 weeks. Please let me know if you are interested in this project and we can sync up to discuss further details. I look forward to hearing from this great community!

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Hi @Roxana_Gonzalez, welcome to the community! There are a bunch of talented Coda guru’s here on the community that can help you by helping you solve any problems here in the community, or working with you directly.

One thing you might want to try is checking out the Doc Gallery to see if there’s something that you could use or build from.

My consulting firm, FM Haven can help you with either one on one lessons and mentoring to help you build it yourself and learn how to make with Coda, or we can offer you a turnkey project as well. You can reach out on the contact form there or PM here in the community.


Hey there! If you cannot find help in the community and just need a document built out I’d be happy to help. Im currently consulting with two other businesses building out solutions for them and have built 100’s of documents in total.

Reach out to me at: scottcollierweir@gmail.com

Happy to help and see what your needs are! Can even just jump on a quick screen share to see if I can accomplish what you need.


Hi Roxana

We’re travelling similar paths. I established my software company a couple of years ago and have developed a simple ticketing platform in Coda. It tracks bugs, questions and change requests as they progress through my agile workflow. Happy to share if you are interested.


Simon (simon.layhe@gmail.com)

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