Request to complete the Hubspot integration

Hi Coda Team,

I posted about this issue in the Community forum yesterday: Is there a way to link the Companies, Contacts & Deals tables from Hubspot together?

The Hubspot integration is working quite well for me, with one (big) caveat: the various databases that Coda pulls from Hubspot are not actually related! For instance, the Deals database makes no relation to the Companies or Contacts databases, even though this info exists on the Hubspot side of things.

This is not a limitation of Hubspot, but of the Coda integration. I’ve confirmed that the Fibery + Hubspot integration does correctly link all of the databases together via automatic relations.

Any chance to get this critical feature added to the Hubspot Pack?

The immediate issue facing my team is that we like to look at our Deals in Coda, but currently the deals do not even reference the customer by name! There should be a Company relation but the Hubspot Pack doesn’t have this data for some reason.

My team is considering forcing the Sales team to put the company name in the title of the Deal as a workaround, but this is a really poor technical solution.


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