Is there a way to link the Companies, Contacts & Deals tables from Hubspot together?

Hi Community,

I have set up the Hubspot integration and imported three tables into my doc: Companies, Contacts & Deals. In Hubspot, there are clear relations between these databases: a deal typically has 1 Company and possibly many Contacts. A company might have many Contacts and many Deals, etc.

However, the Coda tables seem to be missing this relationship data. There is no way to automatically link the tables in Coda. For instance, the Deal table has absolutely no data/columns related to either Companies or Contacts.

I could create a manual relation for every entry but that’s obviously not how any of this is supposed to work; the relations already exist on Hubspot’s side.

Am I missing a configuration option or some setting that will make this Just Work?

This is NOT a limitation of Hubspot, because the same thing works beautifully in Fibery. That Hubspot integration pulls in all of the distinct tables and automatically relates in Fibery as they are related in Hubspot.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I think you’re right, the HubSpot pack hasn’t implemented this relationship data, best bet is probably asking Coda nicely to update it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Rickard. I posted this to the Suggestion Box forum.

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