Trying to do a lookup on a column that contains a match

Hi all,

I have two tables coming in with the Hubspot pack: Deal and Companies. Hubspot has the data for companies associated with deals on their end, but the pack does not pull this through (it may actually be an API limitation)

So here’s what I have:

  • The names column in the Deal table is formatted as “ - ”.
  • The names column in the Company table is the same as .
  • I want to make a new column in the Company table that displays associated deals.
    I assume this entails a function to search within the deal names for the company name of the current row. I’ve not had much luck playing with lookup() and filter(), though I’m in no way an expert here. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Hi mate,

dont know about Hubpost at all, but is your problem that ?

if yes :

  • in your deal table, create two columns Name.Split("-").Nth(1) and .Nth(2) to separate the company from the deal
  • in your company table, just get the deal linked to the company with something like Deal.Filter([Name of Company]=thisRow.Name).[Name of deal].BulletedList()

Do not hesitate if I mistunderstood your point !

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