Requesting a more robust numeric input canvas control

I can create an input control to get a number using a slider or stars. But entering a precise number is difficult on the slider. And picking stars has too small a range.

I could use a select control and type the possible numbers, but that has a fixed range and I have to convert the data type from text to numeric.

I could use a text control to let users type a number, but then I have to do data validation for invalid values and also convert data types.

I’d like a numeric input control that is fairly narrow (unlike a slider or stars), about the width of the number entered. I could set the range and step using formulas. The user could type a number, use a drop-down, or little up/down arrows to enter the number.

Two use cases I have encountered recently:

  • I built a set of controls for filtering data in a table. One of those filtering controls needs a number. For example, only show rows where a particular column is greater than a particular number.

  • I built a quiz doc and the user specifies the number of questions to be asked with a number. (I am currently using a slider, but I would much prefer the type of control I am requesting.)

I am sure there are plenty of other use cases.

I’ve often felt Codans have left money on the table when it comes to data capture controls on the canvas. Ideally, the length of controls is also important if you need a form-like behavior on he canvas. Many times I have forced users into a table for data entry when it was unnecessary.

This doc that was shared by Brian Klein in the Coda doctorate program is another example of where this input type would be useful. He uses a text input to get a number from the user. If the user types letters, the formula produces an error. However, it would be better if there was a numeric input control to restrict people to typing only numbers.

(Unrelated, this is a cool calculator doc, and it makes me want to re-create some of my quilting calculators in Coda when I have time.)

You could just use a normal select control, and set its values using the Sequence() formula which easily allows you to set the range as well as steps.

Coda will interpret the inputs as a number type value.

That should work yeah?

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Yes, that works. I have been using that for ages.