Adjusting the width of a Text Control

A simple question. When I add a Text Control to a document, is there a means of adjusting the width of it? The problem is that the placeholder text is too long to display fully and I’d like to expand the width to show the full text.



That cannot be done yet, I have asked coda to allow for some of these type of changes while it was in beta.

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Cheers for the reply @joost_mineur. At least I can relax and know it’s not me :smiley:

I’ve moved this thread to a better home now (suggestion box)

bump as this is a feature I would love to see for templates for two reasons:

  1. When using Coda to create a consultation form, viewing the doc on the Coda app on an iPad allows easy entry of data into the text field
  2. It enables you to programmatically reference that data elsewhere (whereas just plain text doesn’t)

Community members - please add your likes if you would like this feature too :smiley:


I’d definitely be eager to see this, as well. Right now, the UX for the text control is pretty awful when dealing with anything other than very short bits of text. Would be great to have a multiline option, as well as the ability to have a validation formula, as one can do with forms.

Asking for this as a “Feature” is being pretty generous. The textbox feature is basically unusable like this, at least for me.

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Please add my vote for this feature.