Ability to resize text control's input box width and height


I want to type company’s details inside a “text control” so I can use that text later on in a formula.

But I would also like it to be easily readable without any workarounds so that regular people that come to the doc can see everything that’s written at a glance, or change the text.

The issue is that the text input field cuts out any text longer than 22 characters as seen in the picture below.


I’m not sure if resizing the field is the right solution, maybe there is a better one for example make it possible to give a name to any block in the canvas so that they can be used in formulas.

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I like the idea here. For your particular use case, a canvas formula wouldn’t work? Formatting would probably be a problem but at least the Description could be read from a normal text control into a canvas formula and get most of what you want.

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Did you mean like this?

That’s an option, but it makes it hard to edit text, and it’s unintuitive for people not familiar with coda.

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Yes those are good points. Your suggestion is quite valid. There are definitely cases where a larger text box would be desirable.

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